ESUG and IWST 2015 — Brescia, Italy

Photos from Brescia are here.

The Antegnati Organ Crawl, including photos from the Duomo Vecchio, is on its own page.
I am extremely grateful to Profs. Bruno Strada, Flavio Dassenno and Ruggero Ruocco of Conservatorio "Luca Marenzio", for being so generous to make this organ crawl possible.

My talks

  1. Live Introspection of Target-Agnostic JIT in Simulation (IWST).

    A debugging system is described wherein an outer Smalltalk running on a real machine interacts with a GEM5 simulation of an inner Smalltalk. An experimental embodiment is applied towards understanding the behavior of a target-agnostic JIT prototype.
    The official final version of the paper is available from ACM DL. The version submitted to IWST is available from the IWST site or directly here.
  2. Hardware-Assisted Liveness on Reconfigurable Silicon (Main ESUG track).

    We will explore an open-source soft core and modify it to perform analysis of otherwise-invisible processor state, affording a view of the running Smalltalk VM from an angle different form the traditional debugging perspective.
    Video available on YouTube or locally.
  3. The Mathematics of the Target-Agnostic JIT (Show-us-your-stuff colloquium thread).

    In its nature, computer programming is no different from scientific discovery. The goal is not to proliferate more stuff for every possible case, but rather to filter the large plurality of cases down to a small and understandable core theory. For example, Maxwell's equations describe the immense variety of electromagnetic phenomena in four lines. Similarly, a good program shall cover a very large number of cases while containing only very few lines of code.